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Camp Williams - Riverton, Utah
Home of the Utah National Guard
Camp Williams, downtown SLC, Soldier Hollow, Park City.

Home for three weeks: #629                                                               Getting directions near Heber City at Soldier
                                                                     Ready for Work                                   Hollow.


Bob from Bowling Green University P.D.                  Joby F.                                  Al from Panama City, FL
and Al fromOhio state University P.D.        Waterbury, Vermont Police Dept.
at the O Club.

Quickest way back to barracks plus memories.                   Pioneer days at Soldier Hollow
Montana Air Support: U.S. Army

Joby getting ready for work.                                                    Dennis C. and Danny from Gastonia, N.C.

                                      MEDIA CENTER

SO. East Corner: 200 So- West Temple                                View of the Medals Plaza from Media Center


Shift Crew: Mike (Virginia), Greg (AZ), and                       U.S. Marshall: Ruth --   A.P.P.O.: Diane
Steve (Conn).                                                                          Los Angeles, CA            SLC, Utah


Main Media Staff                                                                    Venue Commander w/ autographed Hockey Jersey
                                                                                                   Jim Coleman: Sgt. Salt Lake City P.D.


Morman: Church of the Later Day Saints                       Another downtown building


Outside Rice Eccles Stadium
                                                                                   Attorney Mike Bosch enjoying Olympic Sq.


UT Indians in Heber City                                                Heber City in the Valley of Soldier Hollow


Top of the hill: Main St. Park City, Utah.                          A view down Main St. Park City, Utah


View from the North.                                                              Entertainment from across the Ocean.


Same view during the day.                                               Inspection to a secure area

Decorated building downtown facing East.                            Ski Jump outside Park City, Utah